WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Grapefruit Hookah Tobacco Flavor

Best Grapefruit Hookah Tobacco Flavor

While most tobacco brands technically have the capacity to produce thick smoke and specific heat management devices can also produce the same effect. Nu tobacco is really a step ahead of the curve. At the end of the day, thick smoke comes down to how well the tobacco is made. With a proper cut and a well-balanced flavor profile a well-made tobacco can be your hookah dream come true. With Nu tobacco you don’t need any fancy devices to enjoy it. It’s just great tobacco.

Now for some flavor


This flavor is by far the best grapefruit hookah you’ll ever have. It’s so SMOOTH - instant perfection. And if you wanna jazz it up (not that you would need to) you can try mixing the grapefruit with one of the awesome mints they have: Nu Mint, Nu Strong Mint or Nu Organic Mint. I personally prefer to mix with the Nu Mint due to its icy quality. The flavor is everlasting and definitely on point.

Nu Grapefruit

It tastes and smells delightful, just like a ripe and refreshing grapefruit! The cut is medium-fine and holds the flavor in an almost caressing way. The juice is evenly distributed and packs such a magical grapefruit punch. Completely memorable.

I can’t wait to make my way through the remaining flavors in tastebudland - it looks to be quite an adventure!

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