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Call To Action! FDA Predicate Date Change

Call to Action! FDA predicate date change

As we discussed in our June 06 2016 Blog release and email campaign, we can support the effort to change the predicate product date by asking you, your employees, relatives and connections to contact your Congressman via the link provided below.


The US House of Representatives website has a page, http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/ that a person can use to identify their Congressman.  All you need to do is enter your zip code and a photo of your congressman will pop up with an envelope icon that can be clicked on to send the Congressman a message. Sometimes you may need to enter your address if the zip code overlays two or more congressional districts.

We are currently dealing with HR 5054, which passed out of committee with the amendment to change the predicate product date. The legislation number may change as this issue works its way through Congress.

Citizen Alert!

Anti tobacco advocates want to block the correction of a new government rule threatening the availability of hookah products to consumers like YOU!

Tell your Congressman to support legislation that will allow businesses like us to continue offering products you want and enjoy.

Click on this link and enter your zip code to find your Congressman

http://www. house. gov/representatives/find/

Click on the  mail icon icon next to your Congressman’s picture

Fill in the required fields and then copy and paste the following message to be sent to the Congressman.

Please support Rep. Tom Cole's amendment to HR 5054 to modernize the FDA predicate product date and restore common sense to the regulation of tobacco product.

Thank you.


Hookah businesses, convenient stores, hookah shops, employees of these businesses, hookah smokers, hookah lovers, and their friends and family.

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