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CocoNara Online's Guide to Proper Hookah Etiquette & Manners

CocoNara Online's Guide to Proper Hookah Etiquette & Manners

The concept of hookah smoking can sometimes end up causing some problems because of someone not being aware of proper hookah etiquette, especially in those social surroundings. Avoiding such misunderstandings is easy when someone knows the nuances involved with basic hookah manners. Listed below are some basic hookah rules to follow:

The Right Rotation

If this is being done in a private setting, who gets to smoke at the outset has already been established. That means that the individual who sets up the hookah will go first, followed by the individual that was in charge of the coals. Regardless of the surroundings, basic hookah rules are that the rotation will progress in a clockwise fashion.

Proper Surroundings

Basic hookah rules indicate that it should not be touching the ground. The hose should be passed with the tip facing the person who just smoked. Pointing it at the next smoker is considered rude and is a violation of proper hookah etiquette.

Time Span

The enjoyment of this form of smoking can be diminished by an individual who violates the generally accepted limit of two to three minutes. Going beyond that is considered a strong breach of hookah etiquette. Since there are no timers involved, the completion of smoking can be indicated by wrapping the hookah hose neatly around the hookah.

Maintaining Hygiene

Since multiple people will be partaking of the hookah, it’s best for each person to have their own hookah mouth tips since they helps avoids the spread of germs. In addition, avoid drooling on the hose since the next person to smoke will be the unfortunate recipient of this violation of hookah manners. Finally, don’t let the hose touch the ground.

Quiet is Best

While there may be a natural inclination to talk about the enjoyment of a hookah session, holding onto to the hose while doing so is considered poor form. Simply passing it on to the next person allow for proper conversation from that person.

Cultural Awareness

Within some areas of the world, some of those hygienic beliefs are adapted to the hookah. While they may seem unimportant to many observers, a failure to adhere to such hookah manners can be considered deeply offensive to hosts. In short, using your right hand and sitting in a yoga-like position are strongly recommended. That’s because some countries feel that the left hand is unclean and that showing the bottom of one’s feet is uncouth.

Your Hookah Choice

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