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 is proud to introduce the concept of recurring subscription to our valued repeat customers. We see this feature as a way to thank our loyal customers and offer them even an easier and faster check out solutions. Our mantra is that you set it once and you forget about it.

Customers can continue to shop our online store as before, but on selected items ranging from hookah charcoal to hookah tobacco, customers will see an option to Subscribe and Save!

Although this option is available to all customer types (including guest accounts) but we highly recommend that you create an account on our page.


When you have an account registered with us you will have a link in your profile that will give you the ability to view and manage your subscriptions.

We wanted to make the subscriptions worry and hassle free. You can at any time pause, edit or cancel your subscriptions from your account profile page.

We are very excited about our recurring subscription plans and we can't wait till you give it a try!

Build-A-Box Hookah Plans

If you think recurring subscriptions are cool, wait till you hear about our build-a-box hookah plans. 

Our customers have shared with us a lot of great ideas about services and solutions that will greatly enhance their shopping experience on our online store. One of which was related to repeat orders and how we can make it easier for the customer to repeat a previous order with us every week or even every month. 


Now customers can select build-a-box hookah plans and set it as a recurring subscription.

Let's take for an example that you purchase 5 flavors of hookah tobacco every month and you don't want to worry about remembering to placing the order online. You can choose the build-a-box hookah plan option and select your 5 flavors. You set it once and you forget about it. If you ever felt like changing your flavors we offer you the option to easily manage your subscriptions. 

Let's say that you are planning on going for a vacation next month or you are not going to be home to receive your package, we easily offer you the option to skip the next scheduled order.

We also built email notifications system that will remind you few days before your next order is ready to ship. This way if you forgot to make any modifications to your next order, we will make sure to remind you.

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