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COCONARA NAMED "Natural Charcoal of the Year"

Members of HookahDomain.com, #1 American hookah forum, select CocoNara in site's 2008 Awards; Raed Haidar, owner of CocoNara, named "Industry Person of the Year"

Hookah Awards 2008 Industry person of the year Hookah Awards 2008 Natural Charcoal of the year

On November 1st, HookahDomain.com announced the results of its annual members’ poll, the HookahAwards. Raed Haidar, owner of CocoNara™, is thrilled that his product was named Natural Charcoal of the Year, and honored to have been selected Industry Person of the Year. HookahDomain.com is now the single most visited American hookah website, and the number of visitors is growing every day – up 126% in just the last three months.
But the poll merely confirms what we’ve known all along: CocoNara™ is simply the best charcoal available for those who truly love smoking hookah. This 100% natural charcoal, made from renewable, environmentally friendly coconut shells, burns up to three times longer than any other coals on the market (averaging over 1.5 hours). In addition, CocoNara™ is clean-burning, odorless and tasteless, and leaves less than 5% of its volume in ashes.
CocoNara™ debuted in Lebanon in 2005, and is now used in the highest quality cafés and coffee shops in the country. CocoNara’s ease of use, stocking and storage make it the perfect coal for growing hookah businesses – not to mention its appeal among hookah connoisseurs. So the word spread… and CocoNara quickly took over the charcoal markets in Lebanon and many other Middle Eastern countries, including Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Qatar and Bahrain.
Due to its success in the Middle East, countless fans, stores and distributors contacted CocoNara™ team, urging them to expand to the United States and beyond. Not wanting to disappoint these loyal customers, Master Deals S.A.R.L. (Lebanon) began work with Master Sales LLC (USA) in 2007 to facilitate the entry of CocoNara™ charcoal into the American market.
Now, with the launch of CocoNara Online (www.Coco-Nara.us) in January 2008, CocoNara has continued to grow. Discerning American customers, concerned with the environment as well as their hookah experience, have rallied to support this innovative new charcoal and its sole licensed U.S. distributor, Raed Haidar. Raed and CocoNara™ maintain the highest standards of quality control and customer service – so it comes as little surprise that the two won HookahDomain’s highest honors.
In addition to the 2008 Natural Charcoal of the Year and Industry Person of the Year awards, CocoNara™ has the largest fan group on HookahDomain.com. CocoNara™ and its fans always keep it interesting, with over 50 online reviews and videos, and frequent contests with awesome prizes and gifts. So by using CocoNara™, you’ll be rewarding the environment (not a single tree was cut to make this product) and yourself too!
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