WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Summer Acrylic Hookah Blue

Summer Acrylic Hookah

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The main components of the Summer Acrylic Hookah are made of very lightweight acrylic. It stands 15" high with the bowl.
The heart of the Summer Acrylic Hookah is screwed on to the stem and the downstem is just pushed in the stem from the bottom. The heart is then pushed around the grooved base grommet.
The Summer  acrylic hookah set comes complete with Base, Stem, Down Stem, Metallic Tray, Washable Hose, Bowl, Silicone Grommets and Metallic Tongs. Get yours today and make smoking on the go simple again. 
It is light, sleek and stylish. It's made of durable high quality acrylic. It has an air vent to purge smoke if it gets harsh and to regulate the heat.  It's practical, light, compact and convenient for traveling.
Included with the package:
  • Acrylic Hookah Base
  • Acrylic Stem and Downstem
  • Metallic Charcoal Tray
  • Clay Bowl
  • Hookah Tongs
  • Silicone Grommets (1 bowl grommet and 1 hose grommet )
  • Washable Plastic hose 60" long

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