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Welcome to Coco Nara Online, the best place on the web for Hookah wholesale and much more. At CocoNara, we are passionate about our direct to consumer hookah pipes, hookah flavors, and hookah accessories specifically tailored to meet your needs. We also offer B2B wholesale contracts that provide tremendous discounts for our clients. From hookah coals to pipes and hoses, we have every hookah accessory imaginable.
In addition to a variety of superior hookah hardware, we also host a virtually endless supply of hookah coals that come in several shapes and sizes including cube and rectangular flat. Additionally, we carry the Coco Nara, Coco Mazaya and Coco Brix brands to name a few.
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By Jacob Wulff, Contributor Enjoying a relaxing hookah session can end up being undercut when you have to deal with slag left over from a previous smoke. This annoyance can end up ruining something that’s supposed to offer a nice period of relaxation, so knowing how to clean a hookah the right way will avoid dealing with this issue. Plenty of Water Getting a clean hookah can sometimes depend on the size of the pipe that you have, since larger ones generally need to be cleaned outside wi ...

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By Jacob Wulff, Contributor The many pleasures that come with hookah smoking can end up being ruined by harsh hookah smoke that results from not being able to get those thick, puffy clouds that you want. It’s not very difficult to have that become a reality since all that’s required is a little more focus on making sure that everything’s being done right from the beginning and finding a reliable place to buy quality hookah tobacco. Applying Some Heat Without the right heat management, t ...

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The concept of hookah smoking can sometimes end up causing some problems because of someone not being aware of proper hookah etiquette, especially in those social surroundings. Avoiding such misunderstandings is easy when someone knows the nuances involved with basic hookah manners. Listed below are some basic hookah rules to follow: The Right Rotation If this is being done in a private setting, who gets to smoke at the outset has already been established. That means that the individual wh ...

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While most tobacco brands technically have the capacity to produce thick smoke and specific heat management devices can also produce the same effect. Nu tobacco is really a step ahead of the curve. At the end of the day, thick smoke comes down to how well the tobacco is made. With a proper cut and a well-balanced flavor profile a well-made tobacco can be your hookah dream come true. With Nu tobacco you don’t need any fancy devices to enjoy it. It’s just great tobacco. Now for some flavo ...

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When it comes to hookah smoking, one of the most entertaining aspects comes with the ability to blow thick hookah smoke. Combining that with the flavor that’s been chosen and the relaxing atmosphere that presumably exists, this merging together brings about a great feeling that lasts until it’s time to light up again. The issue for many people is that because of the growing popularity of hookah shops and the product in general, it’s getting harder to determine what the best hookah tobacco is ...

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